Charlottesville Residential Paving Services

Parking Lots

From weather conditions to oil leaks, over time parking lots experience significant wear and tear and need to be repaved from time to time to keep your establishment looking its best. Kent companies parking lot paving services include resurfacing, milling, and paving to revitalize your parking surfaces. Learn more about our parking lot paving services in Charlottesville


A good way to change the look of a home by doing minimal work is simply by repaving the driveway. From season to season of changing weather, cracks can begin to form and chip away at your surface devaluing your home. When looking at driveway repair, we give clients an overview of the current state of their driveway and determine whether resurfacing or milling and paving are recommended. We install new driveways from brick, tile, concrete, or asphalt and repair any damages that may need fixing. Learn more about our driveway paving services in Charlottesville

Asphalt Repair

At Kent companies, our asphalt repair services include repair of any cracks and rutting within asphalt areas. Each time we take on an asphalt repair project we use proper sealing, coating, and overlaying methods to create a smooth and durable surface. Learn more about our asphalt repair services in Charlottesville

Top Coat

This is a service we provide to builders in order to ensure the home buyer gets a quality finish to their driveway. This is done after construction is complete, the home buyer has moved in, and time has allowed for any possible settlement. Top coat paving can be referred to as an alternative to "remove/replace" projects which in turn could be cost effective. Learn more about our parking lot paving services in Charlottesville


Our pavement team can provide a thorough evaluation of the current state of any surface and determine whether installing a new parking lot or driveway would be best. Our team is highly-trained to use large construction equipment to professionally remove and replace pavement from your residential area. Learn more about our concrete replacement services in Charlottesville