Services For Chesapeake

Excavation Services

When it comes to excavation, Kent companies covers it all! To date we have worked on more than 25,000 homes; each time collaborating with clients to provide tailored solutions for each project’s specific needs and follow builder site plans accordingly. After reviewing a site, we provide accurate and timely estimates, implement the most effective solutions, and ensure the job is done correctly the first time. Learn more about our excavation services in Chesapeake.

Paving Services

Since 2001, we’ve laid over 140,000 tons of asphalt and due to our close relationships with major suppliers in the area, we are capable of paving throughout the year. When conducting any type of pavement services, our team of professional pavers make sure do the job right the first time through. Kent’s residential paving business offers full-service solutions for the majority of builder and homeowner paving needs. Learn more about our paving services in Chesapeake.

Concrete Washout Services

Builders, concrete contractors, and waste haulers look to the Kent Companies to provide environmentally-friendly concrete recovery. As an environmentally cautious business, we use only EPA-approved practices for the safe handling of materials. In addition to this, we currently have over 100 dumpsters for disbursement each of which is disposed of properly at recycling centers within the area. Learn more about our concrete washout services in Chesapeake.