Loudon Residential Excavation Services

Almost every project starts with some form of excavation with the purpose of establishing a strong foundation to build upon. Kent excavation services include a wide range of processes and listed below are what our company provides for Loudon.

Residential Excavation

Proper excavation is the key to creating a lasting foundation for a home. Kent excavating contractors begin any job, they gather information on the soil type, soil composition, water table and frost line to properly develop a sturdy foundation for our residential excavation clients. Learn more about our residential excavation service in Loudon

Foundation Drain Installation

The purpose of foundation drain installation is to redirect water rising to the surface from hydrostatic pressure and divert it away from your home’s foundation. If wet basements and frequent flooding is an issue for you, it may be time to communicate with a Kent excavating contractor today to keep water where you want it and away from where you don’t! Learn more about our foundation drain installation service in Loudon


The process of backfilling refers to placing soil back into foundation divots in which excavation work as taken place. To perform this task, heavy equipment and extensive knowledge of soil composition, proper techniques are needed to do the job properly. As an excavation company, Kent uses the best fill material possible to prevent cracking, impact loading, and promote proper compacting. Learn more about our backfilling service in Loudon


As a homeowner you want your foundation to be level with a slight slope to your yard to create a natural pathway for water to drain away from your home. Without proper grading, your foundation’s integrity could be compromised and exposed to flooding issues. With Kent companies grading services, out process establishes positive drainage away from the foundation and throughout the property. Learn more about our grading service in Loudon

Earth Moving & Hauling

As a fundamental part of heavy construction engineering, earthworks operations are held within the beginning stages of a project and require access to and knowledge of heavy equipment operations. The main purpose of earthmoving and hauling is to do just that; moving and process soil and earth components. At Kent companies, we keep the process safe, neat and simple, removing earth when necessary and ensuring the material is moved as efficiently as possible. Learn more about our Earth moving & hauling service in Loudon

Erosion Control

Erosion is a problem most individuals face when it comes to their property. Over time, natural elements ware away at the topsoil and eventually disfigure the ground due to the removal of soil, rock, or other elements within the land. Kent companies is a certified land disturber and prevent moderate erosion with our erosion control services through a variety of methods including installing silt fences, berms, super-silt fences, and drain/dyke diversions. Learn more about our erosion control service in Loudon

Land Clearing

If you are looking to clear out wooded areas on your property, then our land clearing services are just what you need. Land clearing is the process of removing trees, tree stumps, and heavily vegetated areas, so land can be prepped for its next stage. Learn more about our land clearing service in Loudon