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Concrete Washout Services

Builders, concrete contractors, and waste haulers look to the Kent Companies to provide environmentally-friendly concrete washout. One of only a handful of providers in the region, we take care of the entire process from pad and patented-dumpster placement to water treatment and waste disposal. We use only EPA-approved practices for the safe handling of materials. We have over 100 dumpsters available for disbursement – each year, we remove over 1,600 dumpsters of concrete from jobsites. Our process prevents 8,000 tons of concrete, at a minimum, from entering our landfills. Instead it is recycled at one of many recycling centers in the area. As well, we collect and properly treat approximately 270,000 gallons of contaminated water each year.

What is a Concrete Washout?

A concrete washout is the process of cleaning off all equipment involved in the production and placement of concrete, most often in large-scale construction sites. These pieces of equipment includes the drums of concrete mixing trucks, hoppers, as well as hand tools and wheelbarrows. Upon performing a washout, the wash-water that is produced is highly toxic and harmful to the environment surrounding the site and even further to the ground and surface water that it will inevitably run off to. Thus, it is extremely important for all construction sites to operate on essential EPA guidelines and best practices for concrete washouts.

While some construction companies and businesses perform washouts in their off-site facilities, others find it more efficient to utilize on-site washout services, such as ours at Kent Companies. We provide washout containers that are designed to make washouts quick and easy for concrete trucks, as well as vacuuming services for effective waste water removal and recycling.

Why are Concrete Washouts Important?

As mentioned before, washout water contains highly toxic elements, and with a pH level of 12, it has damaging corrosive properties. If the concrete washout runoff from a construction site enters an aquatic environment, the chemical element of the wash-water will harm the eyes and gills of the fish present in the water and will have complications reproducing. The safe dispense of washout water is also important as it causes skin irritation and eye damage for construction workers, which can hinder productivity and create poor working conditions. Concrete Washouts performed by trained experts ensures that both the environment within and beyond the work site are unaffected by the proper cleaning of your invaluable equipment.

Get Concrete Washout Services from Kent Concrete Recovery in Virginia

Virginia has recently burst with recent developments and construction sites across the region. This inevitably means that the need for quick and reliable concrete washout services and concrete recycling are on the rise. At Kent Concrete Recovery, we pride ourselves on performing excellent services in partnership with the numerous construction firms throughout Virginia, providing professional quality work through expertly trained staff. Contact us (540) 321-4753 at to fulfill your concrete washout needs and easily keep your site following EPA standards.

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Kent Concrete Washout provides clients with concrete washout services to clients all throughout Virginia, Washington DC, Charlottesville, Richmond, and surrounding areas. We pride ourselves on providing the best concrete recovery services that helps us maintain a more sustainable environment. The firm is a family-owned and operated business and is dedicated to removing concrete waste to help further your business.

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